How to Export WordPress E-Commerce / Post Products


How To Export Your Blog Post And Ecommerce Products Within 5 minutes or Less

Many of the people are worrying about how they are able to export your Products and Ecommerce Product . Therefore what you have to do just follow easiest steps to act . Even though , It is very crucial , to export your data why ? because when you are looking for transfer your blog posts from one website to another domain it will prove as very useful way . Beside this undoubtedly on the other hand we have further option available to import and export .

However , this is most simple method for Import and Export before start this process you must be conscious . Steps are underfollowing :

  1. Login To Your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Tools on the bottom of the dashboard as you can see in the above-attached image.
  3. After select Tools on the right side, there is a drop-down option visible to you
  4. Select Export Option

5. As you can seen above image it will ask you what items will you looking for export

6.As per your convienent you can select what you want to export .

7. Then select your below download export button within few seconds it start download

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