MS, MPhil not mandatory for Ph.D. enrolment, says HEC chairman

HEC New Policy For Phd

ISLAMABAD – The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has changed the policy for PhD admissions in public and private universities in the country.

After getting approval from the commission, a new policy document was sent to the universities Although The HEC has empowered universities to admit students pursuing BS Honors degrees directly into the Ph.D.Undoubtedly The 12-page HEC policy document will take effect on January 1, 2021 Under the new policy, the university will have to get official approval from the HEC to launch two Ph.D. programs a year, However, According to the new policy of Ph.D., students with BS Honors degree can do a Ph.D. in any subject but for this, the concerned universities will have to formulate their own code.

According to the policy document, universities will have the option to maintain the requirement of M.Phil and MS for admissions in Ph.D., however, the universities will have to get approval from the Academic Council. Higher Education Commission (HEC) chairman has said that the condition of having an MS or MPhil degree for admission to Ph.D. has been abolished, saying an individual with 16 years of education or BSc can directly enrol in a doctorate programme.

Will BA or BSc degree is now known as the Associate Degree?

“The earlier BA or BSc degree is now known as the Associate Degree, which is an alternative for the former two programs,” Tariq Banuri said while addressing a presser at the HEC office in Islamabad on Wednesday. On other hand, The HEC chairman stated that “We had received a lot of complaints regarding the PhD programme, but now universities will have to strictly follow the rules of the doctorate programmes.”

“Today, there is much concern in the country regarding the worth of degrees,” he said, adding that the purpose of receiving education must be that those who perform succeed. Furthermore, you can visit their website Read more: HEC warns against unofficial bachelor’s programmes

Banuri observed that students face a lot of trouble in finding employment after graduating from a university Even Though, He said the primary concern people had was that there was no practical knowledge of the concerned field departed in a degree programme However, he stated that the practical aspect has also been added to the curriculum now

The HEC chairman apprised the media of universities nationwide being told to enroll students in internships and taking steps for initiating extracurricular activities. Moreover, he added, the institutions must educate the students about entrepreneurship, including practical work. “Courses related to social sciences will be included in every degree program,” he added.

The best policy?

Best Policy ?

The HEC’s new policy regarding PhD admissions has garnered widespread attention from students as well as academic circles.

Besides allowing candidates to undertake PhD studies directly after four years of the BS programme, the HEC, in a historic first, has also enabled students to pursue a PhD degree in another discipline if the policy makes the cut.

Moreover, the policy removes the requirement to send PhD dissertations to foreign experts for review and dissertations can now be sent to Pakistani experts too for the purpose. The maximum duration of a PhD degree will be eight years, with the minimum being three years.

The new policy, that was made applicable from January 1, 2021, will require students to spend at least two years in their home country during their PhD studies.

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