Find view column in Google Analytics

Find view column in Google Analytics

How To Add Views in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, many people find issues as beginners because they do not know to create views. Now a day, undoubtedly this information you can not find on any other’s platform except in this article. On the other hand, we attach an image of an issue where View Property is not visible entire page of Google

Analytics . Even though due to lack of knowledge they won’t able to connect their website through Monster insight . Beside this , peoples are unaware from correct method . Correct Consist of only few steps which is under following :

Follow these steps.

1.Click the ‘Show advanced option’ after creating property

2.Activate the ‘Create a Universal Analytics property’ Check Also ‘Create a Universal Analytics property Only’

Then you can see Tracking code and View.

By following above Steps you can easily setup Views . Your problem has been solve we hope you will find this valuable use this tip wise .if you like this article write in comment

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