Approval Upwork Project catalog

Approval Upwork Project catalog

Upwork Project Catalog Approval In 1 hour

Upwork is one of the well top Freelancing platforms presently majority of freelancer have changed their Life in exchange or utilize their skills at the right place previously it was Elance then ODesk finally into Upwork. This platform is viable for anyone who has expertise or finds themself as a prisoner in a 9 to 5 job. Despite this, it is a great opportunity for those who lose their jobs during the worst pandemic CORONA so-called COVID-19.

For those who are willing to join this platform.

Upwork provides ways for new freelancer where they introduce numerous exciting things which could not be available to that platform. However, I knew you are looking immensely at Project Catalog click here for detailed more expanded.

Project Catalog, Similarly to Fiveer like there you seem Gigs are there showing in simple words.In this, you highlight your

core skills where you mention to the point keyword like for example “ WordPress Website Migration Within 2hour”

you can see there are the target keywords which use in Upwork Project Catalog tittle .

Do You Know How much it’s benefit’s you?

First Step is always difficult ” | “Where there is will , there is way “

As we know, Upwork has connects issue’s which is every freelancer’s problem because you must use your connects wisely otherwise the consequences you lose rewards which mean buying a membership from Upwork that curse a lot. Probably, Every beginner tries to use theirs on applying for irrelevant jobs. Besides this, Some use wisely why? you know because they know their value how much single connect cost 0.5$ here Upwork turning came up. In New Upwork Project Catalog you won’t need anything to apply for a job.

Upwork Project Catalog Approval

Upwork Project Catalog Approval

Above the attached image, you can be seen how the project Approved: On another hand, You must have to fulfill their pre-requiste which is under the following :

Start hiring on Upwork

Post a job –
it’s free

Describe your project and Upwork will connect you with top talent around the world, or near you.

Hire the best match –

Our AI matching technology generates a shortlist based on your project needs so you can hire with confidence.

Secure payments –

Receive invoices through Upwork and easily pay for only the work you authorize.

Clients select their desire project and get straight to work



  1. Find a suitable Tittle which you are offering
  2. Select Your Desire Catagory like for example “WordPress “
  3. Choose your desire sub-category by tick on the check box.
  4. Provide Image Of Your Service “Suggestion attach with Photo”
  5. Provide Fair Price in initial Level
  6. Give SEO Friendly Description
  7. Write Down your Project Question And Answer
  8. Lastly, accept their Terms And Condition
  9. Within 1 hour or before you got the Approval Email.

IF you have any query comment me , we will glad to answer your question as soon as possible

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